King Abid

Although the artist’s name appears to refer to monarchic symbolism, you will not find a correlation between the charming Heythem Tlili and the ideology of Western royalty. By contract, the name King Abid actually means “King Slave’’, a stark divergence in meaning that pleases the Tunisian born artist who fell madly in love with Quebec almost 20 years ago. Originally from Tunisia and living in Quebec City for almost two decades now, Heythem Tlili, alias King Abid, offers authentic, festive and unifying music inspired by his ancestral roots, his passion for Jamaica and his love for his host country. Afrobeat, reggae, electro, dancehall and hip-hop are combined to create his own unique sound universe. By mixing rhythms, cultures and languages, the man we call King Slave, with an evident touch of sarcasm, shows that he is an artist anchored in the 21st century, personifying the current merging and changing of physical and artistic boundaries.

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