King Abid

Mixing rhythms, as well as cultures and languages, Heythem Tlili's, AKA King Abid, dancehall reggae is well anchored in a twenty-first century that sees physical and artistic boundaries move. Through his Tunisian origins, his passion for Jamaica and his love for Quebec, his adopted land, the “Slave King” offers an authentic electro world beat, as festive as unifying. In addition to mixing sounds and Tunisian words, beyond the Jamaican rhythms that make his music unique, the King also brings together an impressive serie of collaborators who contribute, each in their own way, to create a sound universe never heard. Karim Ouellet, Claude Bégin, Poirier, Boogat, Eman and Bob Bouchard come to put their flavors in this hearing party. In short, it is an unusual marriage between America and Africa, between tradition and modernity, sounds both tasty and vaporous King Abid offers on this first album for the least avant-garde. Moreover, its great singularity has just won King Abid the title of Révélation Radio-Canada in the world music category for the year 2017-2018.

Multidisciplinary artist, The King has evolved within the group Movèzerbe and collaborated with singer Marième. He currently accompanies Karim Ouellet as an emcee and percussionist. Eternal king of the DJ set, he makes dance the beasts of night until the morning. King Abid AKA. For 8 years, AbidboX also hosted the 100% Reggae / Dancehall radio show, "Radio Station Assault", broadcast on CHYZ 94.3FM / in Quebec City.